FAQs About the Buyers’ Agent Real Estate Rebate

Giving You 30% of the Commission Our Company Earns at Closing”

Q: Does getting the real estate rebate mean I have to find the house myself?

A: Absolutely not, we are a full service Maui and Oahu real estate company. We’ll help you find a home, answer your questions, provide comparable market data, submit an offer, negotiate the contract, and see the process all the way through from inspection to closing. We’re able to offer the 30% buyers’ agent rebate because technology has made the real estate transaction process much more efficient.

Q: How much will my rebate be?

A: That depends on the commission paid. We rebate 30% of the gross commission paid to the buyer’s agent, including any incentives or bonuses. Commissions are not fixed, but most of the time sellers offer to pay 3% of the sales price. So if the house is $350,000, a 3% gross commission is $10,500 and we rebate $3,150 to buyer(s) we represent.

Q: When will I get my rebate?

A: At the time of closing and clearly indicated on the closing statement prepared by the Escrow and Title Company.

Q: How can you afford to offer this rebate when most other agents/brokers won’t?

A: It’s simple, technology has made the cost of working with buyers come down; and we run an efficient operation. We’re an independent Oahu and Maui real estate brokerage with no franchise fees or splits, we use efficient cost effective technology to serve our clients, and we keep our overhead low – no big expensive fancy offices.

Q: If I want to use you to buy a home and get the rebate what do I need to do?

A: Contact us however it is convenient for you. Call us at 808-791-2923 and we’ll answer any home buying questions you have and/or help get you set up with a custom home search. You can register for free on our website and browse Maui and Oahu real estate listings; and save your favorite properties and searches. Or you can send us an email and we’ll get back to you by email with an answer to your inquiry. However you want to work with us, you can EXPECT us to be responsive and provide great service.

Company Disclaimer: Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.