On January 30, 2015, Ward Village held the second community meeting to discuss the planning for Kewalo Harbor at the Net Shed (Kupu Training Facility) at Kewalo Harbor.

Like the first meeting held in November, nearly 100 community stakeholders and officials attended the presentation. However, the main focus of this meeting was on what Kewalo should be. A short presentation was given, outlining concepts for the master plan that were derived from feedback received from the last meeting. Those concepts became the framework for the master plan’s vision:

Kewalo should be:

Makai – Our Community Gathering Place
Pilina – A connection to the waterfront
Piko – A diverse working harbor
Kauhale – An urban fishing village
Kahakai – A unique beach experience
Kai – A family ocean destination
After the presentation, an ‘open house’ session allowed guests to freely peruse the various plans, sketches and imagery to ask questions and provide additional feedback to the development team.


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